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 Gary's beauty

Abundant crop of beautiful, large, pink heirloom tomatoes with delicious flavors.

All purpose

3", deep-red tomatoes with rich flavors. Perfect all 'round variety for a canning, juicing, slicing and eating fresh.


God Love

Productive, 1x 2", pink-plum tomato with very good, robust tomato flavor. A beautiful salad and snacking tomato.

Old Fashion Red

Very productive variety producing 3 to 4", Slightly flattened, red beefsteak tomatoes with intense flavor. Exactly what the name implies. These tomato plants produce far more fruit than most varieties.  A great choice for sandwiches, salads or sauce.

Gold Medal Yellow

8-10 oz., slightly fluted, meaty and juicy beefsteak tomatoes with great taste. Perfect for sandwiches and salads.

Clint Eastwood Rowdy Red

Offers "not for sissies," robust flavors. Great taste invites snacking, canning and seed-saving. Disease resistant.

German Gold

A favorite since the 1880's. 1-2 lb. yellow, tomatoes with red marbling. Good slicer with sweet, mild, fruity flavors.

Tasmanian Chocolate - Dwarf 

Stunning, mahogany-colored tomatoes with well balanced, delicious flavors.Regular leaf, rugose foliage, 3-4', dwarf plant with stout central stem, produces a big crop of oblate, 5-7 oz., tomatoes that ripen to a deep mahogany color. The flavor is well balanced, sweet and delicious.

Milano Plum 

Respected Italian heirloom. Large trusses of elongated, sausage-shaped, firm, paste tomatoes. A perfect sauce tomato.

Peacevine Cherry 

High in Vitamin C and amino acid content offering a calming effect. Huge amounts of cherry tomatoes in large trusses.

Red Fig

Popular in America since 18th century. 1 1/2", pear-shaped, cherry tomatoes with exciting, delicious, flavors. RARE.

Black Prince

Mahogany brown with good flavor.Unusual brown shoulders become orange-red at the blossom end. Color will be deeper and more pronounced in sunnier locations. Distinctive, rich, fruity tomato flavor. Relatively smooth, 3–5 oz., 3" globes show less cracking than typically seen in most heirlooms. Indeterminate.

Sweet Orange Cherry 

One of the "best-tasting", most prolific cherry tomatoes. Huge crops.  Very flavorful and crack resistant. TASTY TREAT

Super Snow White 

Very sweet, 2 oz., ivory-colored tomatoes, larger than Snow White. Perfect for cutting in half and serving in salads.

White Cherry

Appealing pale-yellow cherry fruits on compact, easy-to-pick plants.

Black Cherry Tomato - Black; Cherry-type; Certified Organic

(64 days) Indeterminate. The blackest cherry tomato available! Small, 1" cherry tomatoes are a deep mahogany-brown and are produced prolifically all season. The flavour is typical black tomato - rich, full and sweet with a hint of smokiness. Grow with White Cherry and Isis Candy for gorgeous early market cherry tomato mixes.

Purple Bumblebee

Super cute cherry tomatoes with red skins and purple stripes. The sweet round fruits have excellent flavour and grow to a uniform 4cm (1.5") across. They hang in long trusses from tall indeterminate vines. Try Purple Bumble Bee in a 5 gallon (or larger) container, but be sure to provide the support of a trellis or string, as the vines are vigorous. Keep the plants picked and snip back any suckers so the fruit production is limited to one central vine.Indeterminate (vine) Matures in 70 days.

Amana Orange 

Award-winning heirloom tomato that can reach 2 lbs. or more with excellent, sweet, almost tropical fruit flavors.


An heirloom from the 1800's, with good-flavored fruits weighing 2 lbs. or more. Pink-skinned and very mild, with purplish-red flesh and an oblong shape.

Marvel Stripe

Heirloom with strong, climbing vines bearing large sunny gold fruits shot through with rose-red, giving them a beautiful marbleized effect. Flavor is mild, sweet & smooth.

Pruden's Purple

Early Heirloom beefsteak. Meaty purple-pink flesh that can reach up to 1 lb and early for a large indeterminate fruit. Has a flattened top with smooth slightly ribbed skin that resists cracks and a unique potato leaf shape that sets it apart from other varieties. Matures in 70 days 

Aunt Ruby's German Green

85 days. One of the largest green beefsteaks. Can grow to over 1 pound and is delicious. It has brilliant, neon-green flesh with a strong, sweet, and fruity flavor, much tastier than most red tomatoes.

Dinner Plate

90-100 Days.Large red fruits averaging 1-1/2 to 2 lbs. a piece are radially flattened and heart-shaped. Fine quality flesh has excellent flavor.


Oxheart Pink Tomato plants produce big, beautiful, heart-shaped tomatoes known mostly to old-time gardeners. Tomatoes are simply beautiful with their pointed shape, but it is the intense tomato flavor that really makes this one special. Both meaty and juicy, its sweet, rich flavors erupt from its deep pink flesh. Large, fleshy and smooth skinned fruits.

Japan Black Triffle

Heirloom with unusual pear shape and burgundy color.Good yields of 4–6 oz. fruit with excellent, rich flavor. Harvest when shoulders are still green for best flavor. Potato-leaf plants. Indeterminate. USDA Certified Organic. Avg. 13,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 40 seeds.

Black Krim

Twenty years ago who would want a tomato that turns dark? Today ’Black Krim’ is one of the most popular heirlooms, and is emblematic of a remarkable swing back to the varieties of the past. Coming from the Isle of Krim, off the Crimean coast in the Black Sea, it has become a favourite of gardeners and cooks, and there are even recipes that call for it specifically. Its fruits are large and very juicy. How dark they get depends on where it is grown: the hotter the climate the darker the fruit. In cooler areas the colour is a dark purple with green shoulders. And the taste -- ah, the taste -- is intense, full-bodied, with a satisfying hint of saltiness. The vines are indeterminate and need to be staked or caged. 69-90 days. 

Great White Tomato

Large juicy fruit with tender skin. Low acid, fairly sweet. Grows a greenish-white but may blush if it stays on the plant long enough. Excellent for eating fresh sliced on a sandwich, and not too wet to add to a salad. 75 days to maturity. 

Mandarin Cross -  Japanese Slicing

Beautiful, golden-orange Mandarin Cross tomatoes have a wonderful creamy-tender texture and sweet, even flavor finish that just melts in your mouth. These gorgeous midseason tomatoes are borne in abundance and ripen like jewels on strong indeterminate vines



Sunrise Bumblebee- Cherry; Rare; Sustainably Grown

(70 days) Sunrise Bumblebee is a true-breeding cherry tomato. It is a yellow cherry tomato with pink marbling and yellow stripes. Sunrise Bumblebe's flavor is bright, sweet and tropical. It is an indeterminate vine and grows well in containers and in the ground.

Pink Bumblebee

Gorgeous pink cherry tomatoes streaked with yellow, hang in trusses on tall, productive plants. Chefs will enjoy their stunning visual appeal and sweet flavour. This is a great bet for market growers and home gardeners alike. Pink Bumble Bee resists cracking. This variety will work in a five gallon (or larger) container, but be sure to provide trellis support, as it forms a vigorous vine. Keep the fruits picked, and the plants will continue producing until late summer.Indeterminate (vine). Matures in 70 days.


Golden Nugget-Cherry

Their sunny yellow skin is thinner than most other cherry tomato varieties, giving them a tender texture. They are juicy with a mild, well-balanced sweet flavor and a low acid content. It is a prolific variety that produces dense clusters of fruits on small branching vines early in the season. As a determinate, or bush, variety, the plant spreads laterally and therefore does not require staking, and its fruit ripens within a concentrated time period. The compact plant averages just twenty-four inches in height, making it a good variety for growing in containers. The majority of Gold Nugget cherry tomatoes are seedless until the end of the season, and there is a high chance that the majority of early fruits will be seedless.

Yellow Pear Tomato - Cherry; Certified Organic

(70 - 80 days) Indeteminate. 1805. One of the oldest cultivated tomatoes. Visitors to the garden love this one's taste and appearance - unusuaL, tiny pear-shaped fruits that are a brilliant yellow colour and have an excellent sweet taste. Perfect for eating on the spot or for salads. (approx. 12,000 seeds/oz)

San Marzano - Italian Paste 

San Marzano is considered one of the best paste tomatoes of all time, with old-world look and taste. Whole 4–6 oz. tomatoes peel easily and cook down quickly.

Amish Paste

Large for a sauce tomato, Amish Paste's slightly irregular plum to strawberry-shaped fruits avg. 8-12 oz. with excellent flavor. These meaty tomatoes are good in salads and great for processing. A Slow Food USA Ark of Taste variety. Indeterminate

Chicco Paste

Early maturing plant produces high yields of 3 to 4 oz red plum shaped tomatoes. Perfect for salads and canning. Also an excellent processing variety used to make sauces and puree. A variety suitable for commercial production. Heat tolerant. Excellent choice for home gardens, market growers, and open field production. Disease Resistant. V, FF. Determinate.