Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

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Black from Tula Tomato - Black/Purple: Endangered;Sustainably-Grown

(80-85 days) Indeterminate. Originally from the Ukraine, this heirloom produces large, slightly-flattened, black/red fruits with dark green shoulders. The largest of the blacks, it has a rich, full flavour. Good slicer. High yields.

White Cherry

Appealing pale-yellow cherry fruits on compact, easy-to-pick plants.

Brad's Atomic Grape

Elongated, large cherries in clusters. The color (and flavor!) is a full-blown assault on the senses—lavender and purple stripes, turning to technicolor olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes when fully ripe. Really wild! Fruit holds well on the vine or off, making this amazing variety a good candidate for market growers. Olive green interior is blushed with red when dead-ripe. Crack-resistant fruit is extraordinarily sweet

Paul Robeson Tomato - Certified Organic; Black; Endangered

(65 - 70 days) Indeterminate. A Russian heirloom, very early, with 3-4" fruit that is a dark red with a sweet yet tangy flavour. This tomato was named in honour of Paul Robeson, the famous black opera singer and international human rights advocate, by the Russian people in the early 1930's. It is legendary in tomato-lovers' circles for its exquisite taste.

Purple Calabash Tomato - Black/Purple; Certified Organic

(90 days) This tomato is ancient, probably dating from the 16th C. Indeterminate, it has deeply fluted fruit that is a reddish-brown in colour when ripe, with green gel around the seeds. Considered quite ugly, but I find it quite beautiful. Full of taste, it is well worth growing.

Black Cherry Tomato - Black; Cherry-type; Certified Organic

(64 days) Indeterminate. The blackest cherry tomato available! Small, 1" cherry tomatoes are a deep mahogany-brown and are produced prolifically all season. The flavour is typical black tomato - rich, full and sweet with a hint of smokiness. Grow with White Cherry and Isis Candy for gorgeous early market cherry tomato mixes.

Sunrise Bumblebee- Cherry; Rare; Sustainably Grown

(70 days) Sunrise Bumblebee is a true-breeding cherry tomato. It is a yellow cherry tomato with pink marbling and yellow stripes. Sunrise Bumblebe's flavor is bright, sweet and tropical. It is an indeterminate vine and grows well in containers and in the ground.

Yellow Pear Tomato - Cherry; Certified Organic

(70 - 80 days) Indeteminate. 1805. One of the oldest cultivated tomatoes. Visitors to the garden love this one's taste and appearance - unusuaL, tiny pear-shaped fruits that are a brilliant yellow colour and have an excellent sweet taste. Perfect for eating on the spot or for salads. (approx. 12,000 seeds/oz)

Large juicy fruit with tender skin. Low acid, fairly sweet. Grows a greenish-white but may blush if it stays on the plant long enough. Excellent for eating fresh sliced on a sandwich, and not too wet to add to a salad. 75 days to maturity. 

Gilbertie Paste Tomato - Sustainably-Grown

85 days. Indeterminate. This excellent paste tomato is a Connecticut heirloom. The long, narrow red fruits with an endearing crook at their end have thick, meaty flesh and a full, rich flower. Perfect for soups and sauces. This variety is a prolific producer and has been a hit at markets. One grower discovered they are one of the best tomatoes for grilling and Brenda, who grew our seed crop this year, declared it her new favourite paste tomato.

Opalka Tomato - Paste/Sauce; Sustainably Grown

  1. (85 days) The seed was originally given to Carolyn Male by a Polish co-worker, Carl Swidorski, whose family brought the seed with them when they emigrated from Poland. Carolyn introduced it to Seed Savers Exchange for distribution. A Polish heirloom paste tomato with red, elongated (4-6") fruits that resemble red peppers. Thin-skinned, meaty with few seeds, it cannot be rivaled for taste, and and is so sweet it can be eaten fresh as well as used for sauce.

Federle Tomato - Paste/Sauce; Sustainably Grown

Indeterminate (85 days) A beautiful paste tomato that is also great for salsa. This heirloom produces heavy yields of long, red fruits with a rich, full taste and very few seeds.

Developed more than 100 years ago by American seedsman George Gleckler, this is one whopping big tomato! A single tomato can weigh up to 2 pounds or more, and a single vine can produce 50 pounds of fruit. Tomatoes are meaty and absolutely delicious, with deep pink skins and purple-red flesh. Vines are indeterminate, so be sure to stake them. 75-95 days. 


Beefsteak heirloom variety with massive ribbed yellow, orange and red fruits. The juicy sweet yellow flesh has streaks of pink and red radiating throughout, making each slice a unique canvas. Tomatoes can get up to a whopping 2 pounds. Indeterminate vines. 75-95 days. 

Black Krim

Twenty years ago who would want a tomato that turns dark? Today ’Black Krim’ is one of the most popular heirlooms, and is emblematic of a remarkable swing back to the varieties of the past. Coming from the Isle of Krim, off the Crimean coast in the Black Sea, it has become a favourite of gardeners and cooks, and there are even recipes that call for it specifically. Its fruits are large and very juicy. How dark they get depends on where it is grown: the hotter the climate the darker the fruit. In cooler areas the colour is a dark purple with green shoulders. And the taste -- ah, the taste -- is intense, full-bodied, with a satisfying hint of saltiness. The vines are indeterminate and need to be staked or caged. 69-90 days. 

Italian Heirloom Tomato - Red; Sustainably Grown

RE-INTRODUCED FOR 2017! (70-80 days). Indeterminate. You get high marks if you can figure out this one's origins- not exactly the most creative of names. However, 'though its name may be common, its taste is memorable. It's a favourite with many tomato afficionados for its ability to produce large yields of huge, one-pound fruits that are round, red and full of rich-bodied flavour. Good for fresh eating and canning.

Box Car Willie - Red; Endangered; Sustainably-Grown

(80 days) Indeterminate. The first time we grew Box Car Willie, Dan declared it his all-time favourite tomato! A real workhorse tomato, it produces well in variable growing conditions, yielding large (up to 1 lb), red fruit with a robust, old-fashioned taste . This is a perfect tomato for market growers! Limited supply.

Cuostralee tomato - Red;Certified Organic

(85 days) Indeterminate. This French heirloom tomato is huge (1-2 lbs) with a robust flavour. The fruits are deep red with ribbed shoulders and tend to be blemish-free. It is a heavy producer, unusual for a large tomato, and anyone who grows it raves about its flavour.

Sandul Moldovan tomato -  Red; Certified Organic

Indeterminate. (85 days) Renowned for its sweetness and productivity, this family heirloom produces high yields of large, rose-red fruits that are slightly ribbed . Originally from Moldova and brought to the U.S. by the Sandul family, the plant produces well in diverse growing conditions. Its fruit is meaty and juicy, up to 1 lb in size, with few blemishes and a very sweet taste.

Green Zebra Tomato - Striped/Other Colours: Rare; Certified Organic

(77 Days) Indeterminate. Developed by Tom Wagner, Bakersfield, in 1983, this tomato is known for its outstanding flavour - sweet yet zingy - and its color - shades of yellow & green, with darker green stripes.

Marizol Gold Tomato - Bi-Coloured; Sustainably-Grown

Indeterminate. (85 days) This is a beautiful family heirloom passed down through Joe Bratka's family and originally came from the Black Forest region of Germany. Huge, 1-2 lb fruits are golden yellow streaked with red throughout and are very sweet. Our grower loves them for roasting and creating a beautiful golden tomato sauce. The yield is quite good for a large tomato.

Thorburn's Terra-Cotta Tomato - Certified Organic

NEW FOR 2017! (Indeterminate; 75 days) This extremely rare variety was introduced by J.M. Thorburn & Co. in 1893 to great fanfare. Thorburn's declared it unlike any other tomato, citing "its peculiarities of colour, form, skin, flesh and quality". It is, indeed, the most unusually-coloured tomato I've come across. There's some controversy about this variety, thought to have become extinct after Thorburn's went bankrupt in 1921 and its vast seed library disappeared. William Woys Weaver, however, received some seeds of this name in 1993 from a farmer's family collection. He grew it out over several years and recently released a "stable" form. Some claim this form does not resemble the original Thorburn's and is not stable yet. We found some variation in size and shape (although Thorburn's also stated some variation) and our fruits had green shoulders, which Thorburn's seems not to have had. The colour, although not as light as in Thorburn's lithograph, is a very distinctive terra cotta colour that appears darker in photos. The fruits have a meaty centre and a rich tomato taste. We love it and will continue to select for colour and size, celebrating its rescue from the brink.

Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato - Yellow; Rare; Sustainably Grown

Indeterminate. (80 days). There was an actual Dr. Wyche, who owned Cole Brothers' Circus and fertilized his gardens with elephant manure. He apparently had the most luscious gardens that anyone had ever seen. He developed this particular cultivar and donated seeds to the Seed Savers' Exchange. Fruits are beefsteak-shape, yellow turning to gold at maturity, large (up to one lb), and possess a rich, complex taste. They also tend to be blemish-free.

Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato - Yellow; Endangered; Sustainably Grown

(70-80 days) Indeterminate. One of the best large, orange beefsteak tomatoes, with 1 lb fruits that are both meaty and juicy. The taste has ben described as "blockbuster". Originating in Michigan, this tomato has been in the Darryl Kellogg family for decades (and who can resist the name?).

Tobolsk Tomato - Orange; Certified Organic

(86 days) Indeterminate. A very rare heirloom originally from the Urals, near the city of Tobolsk, Russia. Tobolsk, should you be wondering, was the ancient capital of Siberia and has one of the few remaining kremlins, or stone fortifications, still standing, which were declared a national historic site in 1870. Back to the's a beautiful, slightly-ribbed, light yellow to orange, large tomato with a delightfully sweet taste.Meaty yet juicy, it`s a prolific producer that has done well in both cold, wet and hot, dry conditions