Our Values


We are proud to offer our local community healthy food from our farm. Our food is picked straight out of the earth, here in our backyard, the Niagara Peninsula, and delivered straight to your front door. This local food chain reduces the carbon footprint.

No Poison, No Chemicals, No G.M.O.s– Just Organics!

By utilizing proper growing techniques and genetically strong heirlooms, the decision to not use poison and genetically modified organisms (G.M.O.s) was easy. This means no pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and only using non-G.M.O. seeds. This method improves the health of our soil, including the beneficial bugs, fungi, and microbes that live there.


A community that farms together, grows together. Every year we see great people from our community come out to lend a hand. A number of them even work full-time with us! With this more laborious farming method, we are hiring people in our community who need good, healthy and honest work. These community members get to eat the fruits of their local labour, and money stays within our community, strengthening the local economy and food sovereignty. 

Food is Medicine

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be they food" -Hippocrates

Heirloom vegetables have been passed down from generation to generation based on their ability to provide an abundance of tasty, colourful, unique food. They have been naturally selected for their ability to tolerate viruses, fungi, and insects.

Heirloom vegetables grown in organic conditions produce naturally protective oils, waxes, flavonols, and terpenes. For example, lycopene, a terpene found in tomatoes, plays an essential role in maintaining human health, including its role in the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and others.

Healthy soil makes a healthy plant, and a healthy plant makes healthy humans. 

Feed yourself and your family healthy with OCAN Farms!