Squash Seedlings

Squash Seedlings

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Benning's Green Tint Bush Squash - Scallop; Certified Organic

(50-60 days) I used to be underwhelmed by scallop squash - found them too watery and stringy for my liking. Then I discovered how they're supposed to be eaten-picked small! Harvested at up to 4-5" diameter, these fruits are tender and solid-fleshed with flavour. I love slicing them up for stir-fries. Benning's Green Tint is a very rare scallop squash developed in the 1930's by Charles N. Farr. Pale green fruits (both skin and flesh) are flattened rounds with scalloped edges and were considered "one of the most beautiful strains of the whole group of Patty Pans". Heavy-yielding.

Black Beauty Summer Squash - Certified Organic

  1. pepo. Introduced in 1957, this is the earliest and most productive of the black/green zucchinis. Fruits are dark, dark green and straight. Best picked when 6" long or less, but stay tender even when larger. We grow these every year for ourselves and they've always grown well, no matter what the conditions have been.

Cocozelle Zucchini - Certified Organic

(c. pepo) (43 days) This Italian heirloom zucchini has a small bush growing habit, so is perfect in small gardens. It produces large numbers of beautiful fruits that are dark green with light green stripes and that are prized for slicing, frying and steaming. This is also a great variety for freezing and canning. Fruits are best picked when they're less than 12" long. It was known in the 19th C. as "Cocozelle di Napoli" and is prized in Italy for its baby fruits that are picked when they're 1" long!

Golden Zucchini - Certified Organic

  1. pepo. (50-55 days) Developed in 1973 at Rutgers and introduced by the W. Atlee Burpee seed company, this beautiful zucchini produces bright golden-yellow fruits in abundance. Tender fruit are best harvested at 6" or less, but are still tender when larger. Its compactness makes it a great addition to the home garden.

Yellow Bush Scallop Squash - Summer Squash; Rare; Certified Organic

(49 days) (C. pepo) Scallop squash, also known as Pattypans, are gaining significant popularity and are a favourite of market growers and home gardeners alike as they can be harvested when only a couple of inches across or let grow larger and are still tasty. Visually appealing, Yellow Bush produces large quantities of bright yellow scalloped summer squash with creamy flesh and a nice flavour. Compact bushes save space. Believed to be the same as the Early Bush Yellow Scallop squash from 1908.

Ronde de Nice Summer Squash - Zucchini; Certified Organic

(c. pepo) (52 days) This unusual French heirloom zucchini has been a traditional market favourite in France. It's completely round, like a ball, with light green speckled skin and dark green stripes. Bush-habit plants produce prolifically over the summer if picked regularly. The fruit can be harvested when it is 1-2" across or allowed to grow until large enough to stuff. Optimum picking size is 4-5" diameter, but they're very tasty at any size. The flesh has a lovely, non-watery texture. This zucchini is particularly suited to stir fries and roasting, and freezes well.

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash - Moschata; Sustainably-Grown

(105-110 days) This heirloom was grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 19th C and is still a staple in many Amish gardens. A large squash, it resembles a butternut with a curved, elongated neck. The neck is solid, very sweet flesh and all the seeds are in the bulbous end. This gives you an incredible amount of squash that is easy to prepare - just slice the neck and cook! Because of its shape, it was also known as 'Neck Pumpkin'. This squash is prolific, producing numerous huge 10-20 lb. fruit per plant that keep exceptionally well. As well, it is disease and pest resistant.

Pink Banana Jumbo Squash - Certified Organic

(100 - 105 days) C. maxima . "Jumbo" is an apt descriptor for this squash - it's been known to grow to 3' long and up to 40 lbs! Originally offered by the Aggeler and Musser Seed Co. in 1893, this giant produces long, banana-shaped squash whose skins ripen to a delicate pink-orange. The orange flesh is dry, firm and sweet. It's excellent for baking and roasting and is a great winter keeper. On top of that, it's a prolific producer. What's not to love?

Vegetable Spaghetti Winter Squash - Certified Organic

  1. pepo (70-115 days) 1890's. Spaghetti squash is one of my favourites - it's a great substitute for spaghetti with its long strands that can be literally forked out of the shell. Vigorous vines produce cylindrical fruits that are 8-12" long and a cream-colour that turns buff. Stores up to 6 months.

Waltham Butternut Winter Squash - Certified Organic

  1. moschata (80 - 110 days) This variety, introduced in 1970, is a heavy producer with 9 - 10" long, buff-coloured fruit. An AAS winner, it has excellent flavour, and stores well.