Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Old Country Acres Niagara

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Gourmet Orange Bell Sweet Pepper - Endangered; Sustainably Grown

(60 - 90 days) The three-to-4-lobed fruits are very thick-fleshed with excellent sweet flavour a(0nd are extremely productive. The fruits ripen to a beautiful, bright orange.

 Intruder (Green Bell)

Intruder has an excellent disease package including intermediate resistance to Phytophthora. Fruits are large, blocky, and have thick walls. Plants are medium large with a good canopy to minimize sunscald.

Just Sweet

A delicious super sweet pepper that has the best flavor when it turns from green to orange. This pepper has a crisp bite with a beautiful color and great texture. Great for salads, stuffed pepper bites, or any snack sized recipe.

Carmen (Sweet Italian horn)

The Carmen pepper is the epitome of why you shouldn’t judge a pepper by its shape. It looks like a jumbo hot pepper – with its curved horn-like shape and tapering body. But underneath these hot looks, there’s no heat to this Italian pepper (0 Scoville heat units). In fact, it’s a sweet pepper with big flavor and lots of use cases. Carmen peppers have a robust sweetness even when young on the vine, and their wide cavity and thicker walls make them very versatile in the kitchen – from stuffing to roasting and grilling. 


Extra-large, 4 in. (10 cm+) and slightly elongated blocky bell. It colors from green to dark red and has thick side walls. It is very productive and has a vigorous bush that provides plenty of shade for those long seasons.

Red Knight

Crimson red, early maturing, blocky bell is delicious with every bite. Big yield potential. 3 lobed fruit. This compact hybrid has bacterial spot tolerance and wide adaptability. 65-70 days to green and 85 days to ripe.