Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Old Country Acres Niagara

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Light lavender skin, pale yellow flesh.3-lobed, medium-size bell peppers with a mild, slightly sweet taste. Fruits ripen through a showy stage of violet, yellow and orange streaks, eventually turning a rich, very dark red. Strong, medium-tall plants yield well.

Sweet Sunrise

Blocky, dark green bell ripens to yellow/orange.

Medium-large 3- and 4-lobed fruits are blocky to slightly elongated. The flavor is both fruity and sweet. A few days earlier than Flavorburst, Sweet Sunrise has a sturdier, medium-size plant with better leaf cover. Yields well and fruits ripen early, even in the North.

Sweet Banana Pepper

(65 - 75 days) Hungary, 1941. The plant grows to 2', and produces heavy yields of up to 6" long fruits, that change colour from green to yellow to orange to crimson red. They are sweet at all stages, but sweetest when red.

Gourmet Orange Bell Sweet Pepper - Endangered; Sustainably Grown

(60 - 90 days) The three-to-4-lobed fruits are very thick-fleshed with excellent sweet flavour and are extremely productive. The fruits ripen to a beautiful, bright orange.



Extra-large, 4 in. (10 cm+) and slightly elongated blocky bell. It colors from green to dark red and has thick side walls. It is very productive and has a vigorous bush that provides plenty of shade for those long seasons.

Red Knight

Crimson red, early maturing, blocky bell is delicious with every bite. Big yield potential. 3 lobed fruit. This compact hybrid has bacterial spot tolerance and wide adaptability. 65-70 days to green and 85 days to ripe.