Sweet Pepper Seedlings

Sweet Pepper Seedlings

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Old fashioned variety that matures to a golden-yellow at maturity. Sweet, thick walled fruits add splash of colour to salads, vegetable trays, and stir fries. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, a common disease in peppers. 72 days.


(Yellow Bulls Horn) One of the most loved sweet peppers of Italy. The long curved pepper looks like, as the name suggests in Italian, the "horn of the bull". It is absolutely delicious cooked on the grill, fried, stuffed, or pickled. The thin skins combined with the thick, sweet flesh, makes this variety an extra special treat. These yellow (giallo) peppers are huge, up to 20cm/8" in length. 75 days. 

Sweet Banana Pepper

(65 - 75 days) Hungary, 1941. The plant grows to 2', and produces heavy yields of up to 6" long fruits, that change colour from green to yellow to orange to crimson red. They are sweet at all stages, but sweetest when red.

Orange Bell Sweet Pepper - Endangered; Sustainably Grown

(60 - 90 days) The three-to-4-lobed fruits are very thick-fleshed with excellent sweet flavour and are extremely productive. The fruits ripen to a beautiful, bright orange.

Quadrato d'Asti Giallo Sweet Pepper - Rare

(70-80 days) This classic heirloom pepper from Italy forms huge (5" long and 4" wide), blocky, bell peppers that start green and slowly ripen to a golden-yellow. The thick flesh is crisp and sweet and can be eaten green or yellow, but is sweeter when yellow. The plants are highly productive, making them favourites of market growers.


Early maturing, old fashioned variety of bright red pepper with thick walls of juicy, sweet and tender fruits. Can be harvested at green stage for use in salads, stir fries, as a crudite or stuffed! Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, a common disease in peppers. 75 days. 

King of the North Sweet Pepper - Rare; Sustainably-Grown

(70 days) Pre-1937. A great pepper for northern gardeners, this very sweet pepper is a long, multi-lobed pepper that ripens to red. Wonderful for stuffing or eating fresh. Very prolific.