Lettuce Seedlings

Lettuce Seedlings

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Forellenschuss Lettuce - Romaine; Sustainably-Grown

(55 days) This Austrian heirloom's name means "speckled like a trout's back", referring to its exquisitely beautiful patterning of maroon over lime green. Each plant has its own unique colouration. Very frost hardy, has won taste tests and been accepted onto SlowFood USA's Ark of Taste. (Approx. 24,000 seeds/oz)

Grandpa Admire's Lettuce - Butterhead; Certified Organic

(1860's) (60 days) . Named for a Civil War veteran, George Admire. His 90-year old granddaughter gave his lettuce seed to Seed Savers Exchange in 1977. Large, bronze-tinged leaves stay tender, even in extreme hot weather. Slow to bolt.

Iceberg Lettuce - Certified Organic

(50 - 85 days) Do not confuse this classic old variety with the insipid, tasteless offerings generically called 'Iceberg lettuce' in every grocery store. Introduced in the 1820s, this crisphead was intended for the home garden and is still one of the best and most reliable lettuces for home and market growers. Compact, tightly-folded light green leaves tinged with bronze surround a crisp, white heart. Mosaic-resistant and heat-tolerant.

Jester Lettuce - Certified Organic

NEW FOR 2017!. Crisphead. (60 days) This is breeder Frank Morton's "favorite lettuce of all time". High praise indeed from someone who has developed untold numbers of unusual open-pollinated lettuce varieties over the last two decades! A cross between two heirloom varieties - Reine des Glaces and Forellenschuss - and another of Frank's creations - Merlot - this crazy and colourful lettuce well deserves its name. Crisp, shiny leaves are incredibly juicy with bright red splatters and ragged margins. Slow-bolting, it can be harvested at the baby leaf stage as an open head or later in the season as a semi-tight crisphead. A star with market growers and home gardeners alike, it will brighten your garden and delight your palette!

Lolla Rossa Darkness Lettuce - Lettuce; Certified Organic

(30-55 days) This has got to be one of the darkest burgundy lettuces I have ever seen! A stunning Italian variety valued for its uniformly, deep red, heavily frilled leaves. Beautiful both as a babyleaf and cut-and-come again salad lettuce, it adds texture and colour to any salad. Holds its colour even under cover.

Mascara Lettuce - Certified Organic

(65 days) How did this lettuce come by its name? I think of black or brown in mascara, not the brilliant red of this open-pollinated beauty. One of the darkest red oakleaf-types of lettuce, its large, frilled leaves retain their colour even in hot weather. Striking in salads and on market stands, its rich colour has made it extremely popular in both the home and market garden. Good resistance to disease and slow to bolt. Actually- extremely slow to bolt, which made seed production quite a challenge. This lettuce withstood 3 months of high heat and drought and did not start to bolt until close to fall. This makes it an outstanding choice for market growers and home gardeners and a challenge for seed-savers.

Parris Island Cos Lettuce - Romaine; Certified Organic

(68 days) This is a classic romaine used in Caesar salads. An 1886 gardening book indicated that "millions of this variety are annually grown to supply the markets of London alone, where it is preferred to all others." Forming tall, slightly-ruffled heads of dark green leaves with a white heart, this lettuce has a crisp, sweet flavour and is slow to bolt. (approx. 24,000 seeds/oz)

Reine des Glaces Lettuce - Crisphead; Certified Organic

(60 - 65 days) A French heirloom, this variety is a small-headed, black-seeded gourmet lettuce, so-named because its spikes on the outer leaves resemble a crown. Cold-hardy lettuce whose leaves can be harvested after the heads. (approx. 24,000 seeds/oz)


Speckled Lettuce - Rare; Certified Organic; Butterhead

(40 - 55 days) Originating in Holland, 'Speckled' travelled to Germany and then to the U.S. It was brought to Waterloo, Ontario by the Martin family, Mennonite settlers from Pennsylvania, in 1799. It has endured due to its beauty, taste and hardiness. This attractive lettuce has light-green leaves heavily "speckled" with maroon flecks. It's very slow to bolt and produces juicy, tasty leaves well into fall. It has been listed on the SlowFood USA Ark of Taste. (approx. 24,000 seeds/oz)

Tennis Ball Lettuce - Butterhead; Endangered; Certified Organic

(50 days) Introduced in the 1850's (although the name makes it seem modern!), and offered in Canada since at least 1878, this tiny, perfect lettuce produces loose heads measuring only 7" in diameter. Perfect for pots and balconies.