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All-Seasons Cabbage - Certified Organic

85-95 days. First listed by J.H. Gregory and Son in 1886, this cabbage quickly gained popularity. The Ely Seed Company wrote this description shortly after Gregory released it: "This new strain of Early Drumhead Cabbage was offered by a brother seedsman under the broad claim of being as early and good as the early Summer, and growing a third to a half as large again. After testing it, we find his claims are fully substantiated in every particular. As its name indicates, it can be planted at all seasons, and makes both a splendid early and late variety. It forms a fine large hard head of superior quality, not bursting after heading. The heads are of great thickness, which make it a capital sort to keep through the Winter. It is a valuable and needed acquisition; and, when fully introduced, will become a standard early market cabbage in every market of the United States." Which it did. As well as being a great storage cabbage and being a good crop for spring and fall harvests, it reputedly makes excellent sauerkraut. (Approx. 16000 seeds/oz)

Perfection Drumhead Savoy Cabbage

NEW FOR 2017! (90 days) The Treasury of Botany, published in London, in 1866, said this about the savoy cabbage - "It is distinguished by its leaves being wrinkled in such a manner as to have a netted appearance. The Savoys are remarkable for their tender, crisp leaves and excellent flavour. It would seem not to be generally known that the Savoys are the most delicious of all the cabbages". It's difficult now to find savoy cabbages that aren't F1 hybrids, so I was delighted to come across 'Perfection'. The W. Atlee Burpee company, in 1887 considered it far superior to ordinary Drumhead Savoy. It produces large heads on short stems and stores extremely well.

Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage - Sustainably Grown

(75 - 105 days) 1889. Of European origin, this cabbage produces large, late-maturing, red heads, about 7 lbs. Excellent for storing.