Basil Seedlings

Basil Seedlings

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Basil, Cinnamon - Ocimum basilicum; Certified Organic

(Annual) An introduction from Mexico, this basil is absolutely beautiful. Every part of the plant is gorgeous - from the dark purple stems and stalks to the light green leaves and the violet/purple flowers. On top of this, it has a beautiful cinnamon taste and fragrance. (approx. 17,000 seeds/oz)

Red Rubin Basil- 

This great herb basil has a stronger flavor than sweet basil and reddish-purple leaves, creating a unique look in salads. An All-America Selections Winner, Red Rubin performs well in the garden and in patio containers with the perfect combination of ornamental appeal and intense, spicy flavor. Best of all, it’s easy to grow and easy to use. To dry, wait until the flowers begin to open, then cut clusters off and hang them upside down, turning periodically, until dry.

Basil, Italian Large Leaf - Ocimum basilicum; Certified Organic

(Annual) This Italian heirloom has much larger leaves than Sweet Basil - 3-4" long, broad, crinkly leaves that are perfect for pesto. Growing to 14", the stocky plants have a scent and taste that is sweeter than "Genovese" Basil (approx. 17,000 seeds/oz)

Tuscany Basil 

Attractive and uniform lettuce-leaf type.Very large 3-5" long, ruffled and puckered bright-green leaves. Mild basil flavour with hints of anise. Upright habit. Has shown better than average downy mildew tolerance in our field trials.

Basil, Lime - Ocimum americanum; Certified Organic

(Annual) Originally from Thailand, this Basil is similar to Lemon Basil but has a zesty lime scent (approximately 17,000 seeds/oz).