Basil Seedlings

Basil Seedlings

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Basil, Cinnamon - Ocimum basilicum; Certified Organic

(Annual) An introduction from Mexico, this basil is absolutely beautiful. Every part of the plant is gorgeous - from the dark purple stems and stalks, to the light green leaves and the violet/purple flowers. On top of this, it has a wonderful cinnamon taste and fragrance. (approx. 17,000 seeds/oz)

Basil, Italian Large Leaf - Ocimum basilicum; Certified Organic

(Annual) This Italian heirloom has much larger leaves than Sweet Basil - 3-4" long, broad, crinkly leaves that are perfect for pesto. Growing to 14", the stocky plants have a scent and taste that is sweeter than "Genovese" Basil (approx. 17,000 seeds/oz)

Basil, Lemon - Tall-Growing - Ocimum citriodorum; Certified Organic

(Annual) This form of Lemon Basil grows tall and upright - to 2' - with leaves to 3" long, and is therefore more easily contained than the low-growing Lemon Basil. Other than that, they are very similar in fragrance and taste (approx. 17,000 seeds/oz).

Basil, Lime - Ocimum americanum; Certified Organic

(Annual) Originally from Thailand, this Basil is similar to Lemon Basil, but with a zesty lime scent (approx. 17,000 seeds/oz).