Eggplant Seedlings

Old Country Acres Niagara

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Nadia EggplantCertified Organic

(75- 90 days) Introduced from Europe in 1910, this variety lives up to its name! Deep purple, 3 lb. fruits have wonderful flavour and store well. This plant will produce 8-10 fruits per plant if picked regularly.

Long Purple Eggplant - Certified Organic

(80 days) Introduced in 1855 and grown in Canada since at least 1878, this eggplant was prized for its hardiness, early maturity and productivity. Long and slender (2" by 10"), with a bulbous end, the fruit is best harvested when young. Its thin skin and few seeds make it great for slicing and cooking.

Rosa Bianca Eggplant - Certified Organic

(75 days) A beautiful Italian heirloom, this variety produces rounded, lavender/white fruit that is very meaty with a nice mild flavour and no bitterness. Pick when 6-8".

Beatrice Eggplant

High yields of round, bright violet, Italian-type fruits. Similar in shape, flavor, and texture to Rosa Bianca. Earlier maturity, darker fruit color, and just slightly smaller (4-6" long by 4-5" diameter).