Cucumber Seedlings

Cucumber Seedlings

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Armenian Yard Long Cucumber - Sustainably Grown

(50 - 75 days) Can reach lengths up to 2', and is more easily digestible than most cukes. This is because it is really a member of the melon family! Ribbed light green fruit that need trellising.

Double Yield Cucumber - Certified Organic

(50 - 60 days) 1924. Extremely productive pickling cucumber. Heavy yield. Fruits are 5-6" long, smooth and uniform.

Long Fellow Cucumber - Certified Organic

(65 - 75 days) We're excited to be able to offer this cucumber again! Introduced in 1927 by the Jerome B. Rice Seed Co. of New York, it was developed from "Emerald", a variety from the late 1800's believed to now be extinct. True to its name, Long Fellow produces straight fruits up to 15" in length, with dark green skin and white spines. Quite productive, with excellent quality flesh, it has long been a favourite of market growers.

Straight Eight Cucumber - Certified Organic

(1935) (35-65 days) A popular market cucumber for decades, it is an early producer of an abundance of green, smooth-skinned fruit. Receiving the Gold Medal Award in the All American Trials in its year of introduction, it was touted by seed catalogues of the time as "the most outstanding cucumber developed to date."

National Pickling Cucumber - Sustainably-Grown

(55 days) Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association in collaboration with the Michigan Agricultural Experimental Station in 1924, this is a very popular variety with picklers! Highly-productive, disease-resistant vines start producing early and produce a wonderful abundance of dark green fruit with crisp white flesh and black spines. Retains quality over a longer season than most. Fruit can be picked small (2-3") for gherkins or larger (5-6") for full-sized pickles.