Radish Seedlings

Radish Seedlings

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Black Spanish Round Radish - Certified Organic

Aka 'Turnip-Rooted Black Spanish'. 80 days. 1824. The large 4-6" roots of this winter radish are almost black-skinned with pure white flesh. Strong flavour and a good keeper. Very popular in Germany in the 1800's, where it was known as 'Rettig' and, according to a Burpee seed catalogue of the time "extensively used throughout the entire winter".

German Giant Radish - Certified Organic

29 days. You can leave this German heirloom in the garden until it's the size of a baseball and it retains its crisp, sweet texture and taste. Mild and never pithy, it can be harvested at any size.

Watermelon Radish - Winter Radish; Certified Organic

(55 days) Aka 'Red Meat' radish. Watermelon radish is so unusual that people often assume it's a modern hybrid. Not so! This heirloom daikon-type radish is originally from China and is absolutely gorgeous! Ball-shaped, 3" roots are white to light green on the outside. When you cut them open, they are bright rose pink! They do look like a watermelon, hence the common name they're known by here. This radish is milder than most, with a slightly sweet, crisp taste. It's great raw, roasted, stir-fried, sauteed or in stews. The inside colour intensified with a splash of vinegar. Sow in summer or fall; spring plantings will bolt.

White Icicle Radish - Certified Organic

(28-35 days) Mentioned in 1865, this is a mild-flavoured radish with long, pure white roots. A 1924 seed catalogue considered it "the finest of all the radishes" for its ability to stay crisp and tender even when fully developed and for its beauty. Heat-tolerant, it has a nice crisp texture and excellent taste.