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Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea

Snow/pod pea

(57 - 75 days) This is one of the oldest cultivated peas still available. Documented as being in gardens since 1773, it grows to only 24" and doesn't require staking. It produces large quantities of small (2.5")edible podded peas that are tender and absolutely delicious. In addition, its edible, bright purple flowers are gaining popularity as beautiful salad additions. One of my favourites.

Oregon Sugar Pod Peas

Snow/pod pea; Certified Organic

Light green, smooth edible pods 10cm/4” long by 2cm/3/4”diameter with a mild flavour good for eating raw, in stir fries or steamed. Freezes well, retaining the full, sweet flavour and colour. Sets double pods, very productive vines over a long period of time. Height 60cm/24-30”. 65 days. 

Sutton's Harbinger Pea

Rare; Certified Orgaanic

(Shell) (50-60 days) 1898. A British heirloom pea that received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1901. Grows to 30" and produces a heavy crop of tasty eating peas.