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Double Standard Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn; Sustainably-Grown

(73 days) This is an early maturing, open-pollinated sweet corn whose kernels are a mixture of yellow and white. Developed by Johnny's Seeds from two old heirloom varieties known for their sweetness and earliness, this beautiful corn grows to 5' and averages ears of 7" with 12-14 rows of yellow & white kernels (some will have yellow kernels only). Germinates well in cool soil. Finally - a bi-coloured sweet corn with that old-fashioned taste!

Stowell's Evergreen Corn - Fresh; Certified Organic

(80-100 days) This corn variety comes with a tale of treachery and greed. Nathaniel Newman Stowell of Massachusetts established this variety in 1848 by crossing Menomoni Flour Corn and the Iroquois Northern Sugar Corn. He eventually sold two ears of seed corn for $4.00 to a friend with the agreement that it would be for his own private use . The friend then turned around and sold them to Thorburn & Co. for $20,000. (Worst. Friend. In. The. World.) It was introduced commercially in 1856 to great acclaim & is still one of the favourite white sweet corn varieties for both home & market gardens. "Evergreen" refers to its ability to stay fresh & sweet for a long period of time. It could be pulled up, root & all, in the fall and hung upside down in a cool location. The corn would stay fresh through most of the winter. 8' stalks; 8-9" ears; 1-2 ears per stalk.