Carrot Seedlings

Carrot Seedlings

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Belgium White Carrot - Lunar - Rare; Certified Organic

Carrots used to be an array of colours until the 17th C. when they became standardized to the colour orange. However, in the areas of Afghanistan, the former Soviet Republic, Iran and India they have saved the older, differently coloured varieties. White carrots tended to be grown as fodder for farm animals, yet they are tender and tasty enough for the dinner table. This variety originated in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Roots reach 6-8", are pure white with green shoulders and very sweet. It is believed to be the same as the "Belgian White" mentioned by Peter Henderson, a market grower, in 1886. Approx. 14,800 seeds/oz.

Chantenay Red Cored Carrot - Certified Organic

(60 - 74 days) From 1829. Delicious, large carrots are 5-7" long with wide shoulders and are red-orange in colour. Crisp and sweet, they are good for growing in heavy soils and sweeten even more in storage. Approx. 15,000 seeds/oz.

Cosmic Purple Coloured Carrot - Certified Organic

70 days. A purple carrot with an orange interior and a sweet taste. The 7" roots are smooth and straight. Purple colour diffuses when cooked.

Red Carrot - Atomic - Rare; Certified Organic

(70 days) Originating in India and China, red carrots contain lycopene which helps prevent heart disease. Pinkish-red when harvested, they turn a deep blood-red when cooked, and become sweeter.

Yellow Carrot - Solar - Rare; Certified Organic

Both yellow and red carrots were recorded as being cultivated by the 14th C. in southern Europe. Originally from the Middle East, this yellow carrot packs a bright yellow punch through and through - no different coloured inside. Retains it bright colour even when cooked.