Beet Seedlings

Beet Seedlings

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Albino Beet - Rare; Sustainably Grown

(50 days) Completely white roots, very sweet. This unusual beet makes an attractive addition to meals, and you never have to worry about staining.

Chioggia Beet - Certified Organic

(55 days) I have fallen in love with this beet ! An Italian heirloom, named for the port town of Chioggia, that not only has an absolutely delicious, sweet taste, but when sliced it shows concentric red and white rings of colour. Doesn't bleed. Beautiful in any dish

Touchstone Gold

Striking golden-fleshed bee

Crosby's Egyptian Beet - Very Rare; Certified Organic

60 days. This is a very old, very rare beet that was loved by market growers because its tops were so narrow and small and it was so early. This meant that it could grow in cold frames much more easily than regular beets and taken to market much earlier. Peter Henderson, market grower extraordinaire in the late 1800's, had this to say about it -"from the smallness of the tops at least one-fourth more can be grown on the same space than any other sort we have been in the habit of raising."

Early Wonder Tall Top Beet - Certified Organic

(40 - 60 days) From 1911. One of the earliest maturing beets, Early Wonder was a traditional favourite for its ability to develop large, round roots very early in the season. Smooth-skinned, ball-shaped root, and tender, tasty greens as well.