Happy Easter Everyone,

**Hint **  If you don’t have time to read this whole thing, there might just be a little Easter egg if you scroll to the bottom! Perhaps read when you have time though ;) 

I just wanted to put to page a little explanation of why we do what we do, in case you're wondering why anybody is crazy enough to spend so much time and energy on such a thing. So without further ado, here is the story of who we are and what we do. LET THE EASTER EGG HUNT BEGIN!

Family and the Future Generations

Above is an actual picture my family farming in Italy.

It all started with my Nonna and Nonno (Grandma and Grandpa), they lived a life in Italy where farming was how you fed your family and the community. In the old days, in the old country there were no such uses of modern day chemicals derived from oil or modifying a plant at the genetic level. In those times, seeds were saved, traded among friends and family and cherished for generations as it preserved a piece of the past that represented, good health, good crops and overall success. When the choice was made to weather the storm and move to Canada as a potential of a better life, they started with something of the utmost importance, their seeds and some fig trees. That chance my Nonna and Nonna took cultivated great opportunity and a brighter future. We all came from families of our own with a unique past and this is my way of giving back and building on that legacy, I guess you can say farming is in my blood. Below you will see some pictures of my happy and healthy family and I would like to keep it that way! By NOT USING PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES and FUNGICIDES and only using NON GMO seeds, we at OCAN feel that we are NO LONGER agreeing to play games with nature. By utilizing proper growing techniques and genetically strong heirlooms, the decision NOT TO USE POISON and GMOS was an easy one. Finally, the healthy BUGS, FUNGI, MICROBES and thus the health of our soil can all rest easy and now so too can we! I want to leave this earth in a better state than when I arrived here, especially for the generation of our children and I hope you all will join me and my little pepper eating daughter Gwynie in this vision.



Year over year, farms that utilize GMO CROPS and ultimately all sorts of poison sprays are degrading their soil layers. Whats left is a 'substrate' or soil that has no life. This makes it easier for wind to blow it away, areas to become so waterlogged because there are no worms or roots in the ground to cause natural drainage pathways or worse yet, so dry that mass areas of land mimic more of a desert plane and ultimately EROSION! No longer can bugs live in the soil, fungi ceases to exist, poisonous residues and heavy metals build up in the soil and the end result is less and less health for the soil and ultimately less and less health for us the people on earth. "The frogs suffer too!" my son Jax says and already knows it at the age of five.  



A community that farms together, grows together. Every year I see great people from our community come out to lend a hand. A number of them even work full time with us! Fact is, with this more laborious method we are hiring people and people in our community need good, healthy and honest work. Likewise, the people of the community gets to literally eat the fruits of their local labour! 

Modest/ Humble Living 

So far, I haven't become even close to rich doing what I am doing. In fact, quite the opposite. I laugh with the others that help make this farm a possibility that, "I'm Farmer Dave, self proclaimed vegetable thousand-aire!"  However, season over season we are seeing an increase in support in the form of CSA member signups. With this support, we are able to start the season by buying a hefty load of genetically diverse seeds and supplies, we were able to upgrade our greenhouse to healthily support more plants, we were also able to invest in heirloom fruit trees o add to our future CSA offerings and drip irrigation to cut down on water use. With this support we are able to bring healthy, heirloom, NON GMO veggies to your door! With your support we might be able to make a modest living out of this and continue this healthy trend.

Little Agri in Niagara

The future of this earth, genetic diversity, generations of humans, plants, animals and bugs all depend on living like we did in the OLD GENERATION as opposed to what we have done with the industrial revolution. Niagara has always inherently been a great place to grow and we would like to be here to nurture that industry locally.


If you read my blog post and and you'd like to experience the type of food that can only come from your local family farm, my loving wife and I have decided to give you a gift from all of us here at OCAN:


Save your CSA spot today!

Send us an email to ocanfarms@gmail.com with the subject line:FAMILY FARM. You may be eligible for a special promotion!


-Farmer Dave and Farmer Dev :)