The Big O

OCAN Farms are not currently certified organic. There are third party companies that conduct a 3-4 year audit before the production of vegetables can be sold as organic. Currently we are in the beginning stages of certification as this is a new location for our farm but in the mean time we wanted to tell you about our farming practices as we are proud to stand by them.

  • We utilize minimal tillage to avoid soil erosion and build a healthy soil profile
  • We use only fully composted manures
  • We incorporate green plant matter 
  • We utilize fully composted leaf matter
  • Aquaculture

Our aquaculture system consists of a clean water well, a giant pond and fish. Consequently, fish provide a refuse that would otherwise hinder their growth and development. Fortunately, we offer a symbiotic relationship that utilizes that refuse and feeds it directly to our heirloom plants via drip lines. The water is then refreshed and oxygenated for the fish from our deep well. The result are staggering, happy healthy fish in a healthy pond along side vigorous plants. In the future, we will exchange the fish in our pond to a gourmet species that we can offer to our customers such as Rainbow Trout.  A healthy ecosystem benefits those who rely on it.